This Appeal has now received wide support including endorsement  by Scientists for Global Responsibility and Medact (an organisation of health professionals campaigning on global health issues). It has been signed by many MPs, the Director of Friends of the Earth and several thousand others.
Instead of handing it in on the 20th Anniversary we plan to continue gathering support and with the help of Dr. Keith Baverstock, who for 11 years was the foremost expert on radiation and health at the World Health Organisation, we hope that this Appeal will have a real impact at the highest levels in the United Nations.
Please give it your support.

We, the undersigned, believe that inadequate resources have been made available by the International Community for genuine research into the continuing effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster.

We call for the creation of a research fund, administered by the United Nations, to conduct independent studies into other health problems besides the massive and universally recognised rise in thyroid cancer.

These studies should include breast cancer in young women; blood diseases in children; heart disease in children and adults; the incidence of children born with genetic abnormalities; and the health problems of those evacuated from contaminated areas and those who continue to live on contaminated land. Both the survivors, and the world at large, have a right to know the extent of the damage caused by the long-term presence of low-level radiation.


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