This project helps to:

  • provide families and communities with new ideas and opportunities for earning a living
  • develop practical ideas that build on their skills and experience
  • give encouragement, training and support 
  • support small projects that have the potential for wider application in other areas of the country

2006 was another busy year for us, together with our Belarusian partners we have:

  • Sourced, purchased and planted another 500 apple trees. The regenerated orchard in Golovchitsa now has one thousand healthy, new trees
  • Supplied beekeepers with equipment to help produce queen bees for their own use and to sell (more profitable than just relying on honey sales)
  • Helped refit an old trailer for ‘mobile hives’   
  • Brought our main beekeeper to UK for a week of intensive training and visits to beekeepers all over the south west (there was much sharing of knowledge, experiences and information)
  • Brought 4 young graduates of an agricultural college to the UK to learn why and how UK farmers are diversifying

We are currently investigating:

  • added value hive products and a honey marketing strategy
  • further expansion of the orchard project in other area of Belarus
  • ways of supporting micro enterprises in rural communities  

Claire and John Chettoe                       HopeforFamilies@hotmail.com