8th Irish & UK Local Authorities Standing Conference on Nuclear Hazards
in association with Chernobyl Charities and leading Environmental Groups

23 March 2006     •     City Hall, London

Chernobyl 20 Years On: Nuclear Costs & Energy Futures

The Conference will:

• review the health and environmental impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on 26 April 1986 and its continuing impact on the British Isles

•          report on voluntary action to mitigate the health impacts

•          report on key developments in UK nuclear energy policy and waste management policy process and how to engage with them

•          report on innovative strategies to meet future energy needs with low environmental and health costs

A three hour afternoon workshop will be devoted to Chernobyl Charities.

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The true health and environmental legacies of the Chernobyl disaster

MEDACT Conference for the 20th Anniversary of Chernobyl

Saturday 22 April 2006

The Royal College of Surgeons,  Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London

Chernobyl is, by a considerable margin, the world’s worst industrial catastrophe. A 600-page IAEA/WHO report published in September 2005 has estimated that more than 4,000 people will die from radiation exposures caused by the accident. However independent assessments indicate this is a considerable underestimate. This conference will provide an opportunity to find out about Chernobyl’s true impact – including deaths so far, expected deaths, illnesses, and psychosocial and environmental effects. It will also indicate how members of the public can give practical help to the children and their families who will continue to suffer from the ill-effects of Chernobyl for many decades to come.

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International Chernobyl Conference to be held in Minsk

19th – 21st April 2006

The main objective of the Conference is to analyse the accumulated Chernobyl disaster mitigation experience and to develop recommendations defining the strategy of actions in this field for the next decade.Representatives of Russian Federation and the Ukraine, international organizations, governmental organisations and NGOs of the donor states will participate in the Conference.


April 23 – 25th Kiev, Ukraine

International Conference

The conference will bring together independent scientists, environmentalists, NGO organizations, sustainable energy experts and a broad public audience for a new examination of the 1986 Chornobyl accident's continuing health, social and economic consequences and to draw new attention to the promise and need to implement sustainable energy technologies.


Information about how to register for all these conferences will appear on the website before the end of January.