Chernobyl Continuity is a registered charity that offers respite holidays
to Belarusian teenagers still living with the after effects of the 1986 Chernobyl
disaster.  We prefer to invite youngsters from an orphanage background as
we feel they are in greater need of support. Many charities help the younger
children but we feel that the 16-18 year age group is at a very vulnerable
point in their lives, especially when they leave the orphanage to go into
hostels attached to their professional and technical schools.
During the time the youngsters spend with local host families, we offer a
programme which encompasses educational sporting and social elements. We
try to raise awareness as well as funds by promoting a YOUTH4YOUTH concert
each year, by sending a resource pack into local schools which describes
the situation in Belarus today, and which encourages British youngsters to
take part in a writing competition.
We have 2 groups but are hoping to start a third this year.
We are happy to liase with other groups who may wish to invite older children.
Brenda Dinsdale, Co-ordinator