Giving care to children & young adults after Chernobyl.
A young charity, Belarusian Ray of Hope is run by a group who have many years experience working in Belarus.
Respite care is given to children, help is given to disabled children, monthly outings are organized for children who have been in the cancer hospital for extended periods of time.
In 2005 15 children came to Wiltshire for a months respite care.
In 2006 we welcomed 50 visitors from Belarus and working with Remember Chernobyl raised money for the Belarusian Children’s Hospice.
Monthly outings were started for Belarusian children who have been in hospital for over a year, we have now secured funding to ensure that this continues for the next year.
2007, 6 year old Valentina to whom we have made a long term commitment is visiting again to visit the David Hart Clinic where she took her first steps. Her announcement that she would walk the 2 miles back to the farm we were living at when she took her first steps made all the work worth while.
Children will visit for a months respite care this summer.