UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace

The last 12 months have been particularly exciting for A Ray of Hope no less so in the context of Belarus where our friends continue to multiply. Two further visits took place to build on relationships and advance projects.

The following types of supply were delivered safely :-  hospital uniforms, small toiletries, blankets, sheets, gowns, protectors general medical items, trays, bandages etc also educational, dance and music supplies, dance costumes, digital cameras etc.

Specific medicines were funded on request as were individual educational requirements.

A Culture of Peace  art competition was held in Mozyr in April and the winning entries were presented in June to Hilary Benn MP Minister for International Development, Assistant General Secretary of UNESCO and HE Tim Craddock UK Ambassador to UNESCO at the UK UNESCO Inaugural Conference. Due to the success of the event it will be repeated this year and the Director of Education in Mozyr will involve all of the educational schools and institutions.

World Peace Day was celebrated in Mozyr with a further art event and we are informed that the numbers participating made it the largest single event of its kind in the world. An open air exhibition involved many in the city. Below are two of the exhibits showing both art and a street “painting”

An increase in digital technology augers well for future intended programmes.

A Ray of Hope would like to congratulate all those who made the anniversary year poignant, memorable and a foundation for the future.